Student Life at NHS

We have a variety of extracurricular opportunities at NHS so students can get involved and truly enjoy all that Norcross has to offer. This past school year has brought us a record-setting three state championships - football, and boys and girls basketball.  In addition, students at Norcross participate in 14 GHSA varsity sports and over 50 clubs and organizations.

Student Leadership

Student Council (StuCo)

In addition to their office duties and responsibilities, these students:

  • Create and coordinate student leadership development activities
  • Coordinate and run Thursday am StuCo meetings
  • Coordinated HC events: comm. pep rally, class skits, designed and created HC decorations
  • Demonstrate and initiate school pride

For the school these students have been major players in the following:

  • Raised almost $240,000 for Relay for Life (doesn’t count 2010), and designing, creating, organizing, and working Relay for Life events and activities, building and working on the site
  • Raised almost $70,000 for other local and global charities, including the Norcross Co-op and American Red Cross Haiti Relief fund



Community Service Log

You can use this log to keep track of your community service hours.
Community Service Activity Log