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IB Middle Years Programme


The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (MYP) is designed for students age 11-16 in grades 6 through 10.  The program is designed to foster relationships between school subjects, the student as an independent learner, and the community.  Students are encouraged to consider multiple perspectives with the aim of promoting global awareness.  Communication is also fundamentally stressed as it supports inquiry, reflection, and expression.

The Areas of Interaction (AOI) provide a system of educational dynamics that extend the learning and make critical connections that foster problem-solving and interrelated concepts.  Teachers use AOI to focus lessons in ways that require the information and skills to be viewed through different lens with the results being an expansion of the material or skills and an infusion into the long-term knowledge base of the student.

The Areas of Interaction are as follows:

  • Approaches to Learning:  Students are encouraged to understand how they learn and how intellectual strategies can improve their understanding.
  • Community and Service:  Students learn community service awareness, skills, attitudes and responsibility.
  • Human Ingenuity:  Students learn to appreciate the creative and inventive genius and the impact on society and the human mind.
  • Environment:  Students are encouraged to be aware of their interdependence with their environment and global issues.
  • Heath and Social Education:  Students learn what is needed for physical, mental and social health. 

  MYP curriculum Matrix 


Students who earn the MYP Certificate have been engaged in a program guided by the International Baccalaureate Organization’s (IBO) mission to guide young people “to become critical and compassionate thinkers, lifelong learners and informed participants in local and world affairs” (from the IBO Mission Statement). The mission statement is further supported by the “IB Learner Profile,” the mission statement in action.

IB MYP Personal Projects


What is the Personal Project?

IB MYP is committed to the concept that a student should be able to apply skills and knowledge in an independent format to produce a product demonstrating their understanding of the areas of interaction.  This project is begun in the 9th grade, in the Norcross Cluster, with the planning and research of a project of interest to the student.  An assigned supervisor serves as an advisor and a research expert for the student.  The completion of the personal project occurs during the student’s 10th grade year.  Only students who complete the Personal Project are eligible for the MYP certificate.

Link to Personal Project Information Page


MYP Assessment Portfolio


Due to the IB office on or before April 28 OR  for Personal Project Candidates, Personal Projects are due Tuesday, April 1 and the Assessment Portfolio is due Monday, April 21.  Please turn in to your MYP Guided Study teacher.
“Instructions for Completing the Assessment Portfolio”

NHS MYP Participation

Pinckneyville (PMS) and Summerour (SMS) have whole-school MYP programs.  All students in these schools are involved in MYP.   Participation in a program designed to serve exceptionalities and special needs may, in some cases, preclude full involvement in all aspects of the MYP.

For further information at PMS or SMS, contact:
 Bryce Fulcher,  MYP Coordinator at PMS
770  582-1505
Natalie Looney, MYP Coordinator at SMS
770  448-3045

A student who articulates into Norcross High School (NHS) from an existing Norcross cluster MYP program does not need to make application for participation in the MYP curriculum.  If a student is new to the MYP program and wishes to earn a limited MYP certificate at the end of the sophomore year, he or she may make application. 

For further information for NHS contact
Kathy Sanchez, IB Coordinator

Application for Rising Freshmen (Pre-IB) (pdf) 
Registration Application for 2014-2015
(Note: The application is required for students who are requesting permissive transfer from an out-of-district Gwinnett County Public School.)