Magnetism Unit

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 All Day - Friday, March 15, 2013


Quality-Plus Strategies for Unit

Essential Question: What is magnetism and how does it work?

Activating Strategies: Investigations, Video, Travel Stories, Real Life Applications, HW review

Teaching Strategies: PPT (Modeling Notes, Graphic Organizer), Small group collaboration, Stress Vocab (repetition), Visual representation (pictures, diagrams, videos)

Understanding Checks: Partner Practice, Questioning (review, application, summarizing), Problem Solving (individual, group, class), Assessments (Web assign, tests, questioning, labs, HW reviews)

Wed 2/27

Due: N/A
CW: Magnetism Notes: Magnetism Properties & Magnetic Fields
HW: Honors Ch21 Vocab,  Create Crossword

Thur 2/28
Due: N/A
CW: Magnetism Notes: Magnetic Force, Electric Motors

HW: Honors Ch21 Vocab,  Create Crossword, Honors Magnetic Force Problems,

Fri 3/1
Due: Magnetic Forces
CW: Magnetism Notes: Electromagnetic Induction
HW:  Magnetic Field & RHR Practice, Honors Magnetism Problem

Mon 3/4
Due: Honors Ch21 Vocab,  Create Crossword

CW: Read the “Wasted Youth Article’ (Science Notebook), Book Chapter Overview, Crossword Puzzle,
HW: Honors Magnetism Problems,Honors Magnetic Force Problems, Magnetic Field & RHR Practice

Tues 3/5
Due: Crossword Puzzle (EOC), Magnetic Force Problems, Magnetism Video (EOC)
CW: Hewitt Magnetism Video
HW: Honors Magnetism Worksheet, Magnetism Test Review

Wed 3/6
Due: Magnetism Worksheet, Magnetic Field & RHR Practice
CW: Magnetic Field Lab

HW: Magnetism Test Review

Thur 3/7
Due: Magnetism Test Review, Magnetic Field Lab (EOC)
CW: Magnetism Test Review
HW: Study

Fri 3/8
Due: Magnetism Test Review
CW: Magnetism Test
HW: Read Chapter 16 – Sections 1 &2 (p.459-462), complete types of wave notesheet

Mon 3/11

No School

Tue 3/12

Due: Wave Type note sheet

CW: Wave Project

HW: Wave Project

Wed 3/13

Due: Wave Project (EOC)

CW: Wave Project


Thur 3/14

Due: N/A

CW: Wave Lab

HW: Wave Lab

Fri 3/15

Due: N/A

CW: Wave Lab

HW: Wave Lab