AP Contract & Exit Request

AP Contract

Any student interested in taking an AP course must complete the Advanced Placement contract before registration is complete.

NHS Advanced Placement Contract - SY 2014-2015



Frequently Asked Questions

What is AP?

Advanced Placement classes are based on college-level courses. They teach higher level thinking skills and allow for the students to experience the atmosphere and the expectations of a college course. AP courses can also provide college credit, increase the chances of success in college, and help save money on college. For additional AP information go to or contact Dr. Brittany Aarestad in the counseling office.

Do you plan on attending college?

If “yes” is your answer then you should take at least one AP class while you are in high school. Data shows that the more AP courses you take in high school, the more successful you will be in college.

Which is more important, advanced classes or a high GPA?

Colleges want to see both. They want to see students excelling in higher level courses. Research shows that if you can be successful in an AP course then you are usually successful in college.

Top reasons to take AP classes:

  • AP classes can save thousands of $$ in college costs.
  • AP students may be granted sophomore standing or given credit in college courses.
  • AP students improve their chances of being accepted by the college of their choice.
  • AP grades are weighted in Gwinnett County by 10 points.
  • Because students work at an advanced level and acquire higher reasoning skills, students normally score about 100 points higher on College Board tests than their peers.
  • AP students out perform their non-AP peers in college.

Is my child a good fit for AP classes?

Many parents and students struggle with making the decision to take advanced level classes.  What are the characteristics that the students who are successful in Advanced Placement classes most often display?  In order to assist with that decision, look at the Learner Characteristic Survey below.   If your student scores in the higher ranges of the survey, they could be a good fit for Advanced Placement classes.

Learner Characteristics Survey

Powerpoint presentation from AP/IB Night 2014